I will work with you to create a ceremony that suits the occasion and reflects your needs and wishes. 
Give me a call on 027 276 1431 to discuss your needs

For weddings - the process looks like this:

1. No obligation informal meeting or phone call
2. Confirmation of booking 
- contract signed & deposit paid
- your date is now confirmed
3. Planning meetings (1 -2 or more depending on need)
4. Ceremony draft sent to you for feedback
- feedback and changes may take place via email/phone calls
5. Rehearsal 
6. Ceremony 
7. Feedback will be requested 4-6 weeks after the delivery of your ceremony

Celebrating and acknowledging important life events

Ceremonies provide the opportunity to acknowledge life events in a meaningful and symbolic way.
Births, naming ceremonies, birthday, marriage or civil unions, anniversaries, life celebrations, funerals and
memorials are the life events we most commonly celebrate or acknowledge with family and friends.
Through ceremony, we can also celebrate or acknowledge other
milestones, achievements, challenges and transitions in our lives 

This beautiful waiata E tu kahikatea acknowledges the belonging and support that we share as family, friends and community. In te reo Māori, awhi means to embrace, cherish and surround. Tātou means we / us together.

 E tū kahikatea

E tu kahikatea
Hei whakapae ururoa
Awhi mai awhi atu
Tatou tatou e

E tu kahikatoa 
Kare kau e hinga 
Awhi mai Awhi atu 
Tatou tatou e

E tu Puriri
Toha ra o peka
Awhi mai Awhi atu
Tatou tatou e (x2)

Stand like the kahikatea (tree)
To brave the storms
Embrace and receive
We are one together.

Stand with vigour
You will not fall
Give and receive help
We are one together

Stand like the puriri
And reach out your branches
Embrace and receive
We are one together

I acknowledge the late Hirini (Syd) Melbourne of Ngai Tuhoe as the author of this waiata. 
I am grateful to his daughter for giving me permission to use it. 

Awhi mai - Awhi atu 

sharing Love & Life together

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